• Maricel Lawrence

What have you done with your 15% lately?

When confronting a big challenge, you probably have heard people ask the question: “How do you eat an elephant?” and the response usually is: “one bite at a time”. This question and answer is very helpful for visual learners, but once you have visualized it, then what do you do?

If you are a visual learner, like me, who also likes to have some strategies you can rely on, I would suggest you get a copy of “Liberating Structures” by Henri Lipmanowiscz and Keith McCandless or at least visit their website and look up the “15% Solutions” Liberating Structure.

I used this Liberating Structure and a few others at our team retreat, and our group have started to see movement in those big challenges we have been facing. During this section of the retreat, we all identified a personal challenge and asked ourselves:

“What is your 15 percent?

Where do you have discretion and freedom to act?

What can you do without more resources or authority?”

Then, each individual shared our ideas with a peer, and then with the whole group. Since then, we are all accountable for each other, and we ask each other: “what have you done with your 15% lately?”

The 15% Solutions Liberating Structure has become one of the most used techniques we use to move away from the feeling of being blocked or powerless. I personally have seen many members of our team be more energized, motivated and liberated after we use the 15% Solutions structure.

I am a big believer that every member in the team plays an important role in the success of the organization and in the success of each member of the team. Are you ready to ask yourself and your peers “what have you done with your 15% lately?”


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