• Maricel Lawrence

What the Women’s World Cup match between Scotland and Argentina can teach online education teams?

Your 3 minutes of inspiration

Let’s start by clarifying that the Scotland vs. Argentina match yesterday was one of the most exciting games in the Women’s World Cup to date. Full of controversy, but also full of excitement and adrenaline. If you did not get the chance to watch the full game, watch this 90 in 90: Scotland vs. Argentina Highlights video.

Ask any online education team in the world about what is like to work in this industry, and we will all tell you that online education is a “team sport”. If you are a faculty member, an instructional designer, a media and video producer or editor, or a staff member or an administrator, we all have something in common: we cannot do online education without the help of at least one of the other members of the team.

The Scotland vs Argentina match yesterday reminded me of our day to day efforts in online education, and how every time that we are behind (when we have already played 73 minutes out of a 90 minutes game), we continue playing and passing the ball with the only purpose of scoring and getting excited again about the possibilities of moving into the next round. That is what happened yesterday, at the minute 73, Argentina scored the first goal after being behind 3 – 0. Five minutes later, the 3 – 2 made the potentials even more real for Argentina. Doesn’t this sound familiar? How many times have we felt as we are losing the game, and suddenly someone gives you a hand (passes the ball), and you feel like you are about to score a goal at the World Cup?

Minute 85 and a penalty was called out in favor of Argentina. Another chance for the team to make it happen; to tie the game. Have you felt that adrenaline before? I have, several times. I have felt this way when a department decides to give online education a shot, and after the courses are designed, and students have gone through the courses, the faculty find themselves wanting to learn even more about online education, and they tell you how this experience has also helped them be better instructors in their face to face courses. I have felt this way when we have met our students for first time at graduation, and they tell you that because of the program we offered them, they now feel prepared to take the next step in their career (or that they already got a new job, and they are going to start applying what they learned from the program right away).

Sometimes we need two tries at the penalty (soccer fans controversy discussion can be inserted here), but once we shot and score, and we find ourselves at a tie (3-3) like the Argentina team in the game yesterday, you know that every practice, every run, every minute of the game, every pass, every conversation with your team, was worth it.

To all of those online education teams in the world, keep passing the ball, and move forward. Strategize, communicate, and keep each other excited about the opportunities, and your team just might also have the chance to move to the next round like the Argentinean Team at the Women’s World Cup 2019.

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